What are the coziest spots in Brooklyn?

Community Book Store in Park Slope

At this writing, I am tucked away in my local coffee shop, a steaming mug of joe in hand, happy tunes pumping from the speakers,watching the world outside blur away as the windows fog up from the steam of homemade chai and hot soup. It’s a warm oasis to combat seasonal depression, which will sadly be shattered when I reenter the horrors of February for work later. Brooklyn — with its drafty apartments and fussy heaters — is full of places like this: hidden spots that beckon you in from the elements, where one afternoon beer turns into three or four, where you bring a thick book and ask for a takeout menu. So we ask you: on this season of weather terror, what are your picks for the coziest spots in Brooklyn? The Flying Saucer is one of ours; so is the fireplace-lined Union Hall. From bars and bookstores to theaters and laundromats, where do you go when want to curl up and escape from the interminable winter?

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