Are you having trouble getting your job prospects … straight? Looking for a new job without its own don’t ask don’t tell policy? On Thursday, you can be a step closer to your fabulous dream job by attending the Out to Work job fair, the largest LGBT career fair and workshop event in the Northeast, with 23 companies participating. You can expect some of the usual gay friendly go-to companies — Starbucks, Equinox and Whole Foods — as well as a couple companies that make you go “Really??” like Goldman Sachs and even News Corp. The fair is meant to assist a community that can sometimes have extra trouble finding suitable employment. So far, more than 800 people have already pre-registered, and many more expected are expected to show up.

The free job fair will be held at the LGBT Community Center at 208 W 13th St. in the West Village. A event flyer might be the perfect thing to slip into that new Hallmark Card you bought for your favorite queen.

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