Mmm, butter.

There’ll be quite a few shakeups over in Gowanus at Littlefield next month, with one long-running comedy show set to be replaced by a new one.

After five years and over 500 comedians, Wyatt Cenac’s Night Train will be pulling into the station. Cenac said of Night Train’s end, “For the past five years, it has been a privilege to wander down to Gowanus to make fun of the surplus of Crossfit locations while also taking part in a wonderfully diverse showcase of comedians and performers.”


Aparna Nancheria, Jo Firestone and Maeve Higgins who together compose Butterboy
Aparna Nancheria, Jo Firestone and Maeve Higgins who together compose Butterboy

In Night Train’s place: Butterboy. The new weekly comedy show will feature Jo Firestone, Aparna Nancheria and Maeve Higgins and will take place every Monday night at 8pm. The hosts promise “musical stylings,” as well as, “the sensual silence of a rotating Idris Elba Impersonator,” not to mention, “unapologetic lies,” to audiences of Butterboy.

The final Night Train will be on November 6 (tickets to this historic event are just $12-$15), and the first Butterboy will be on November 13 (tickets will run you $8 to $10).

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