Bring it.

1. Get a laugh at the intersection of feminism, farts and fun at the premiere of the web series Wildcats at Videology. (Friday)

2. See Casey Balsham, Ronny Slowik, and plenty of other comics at The Bridges. (Friday)

3. Welcome Main’s Bunker Brewing to Brooklyn with a tap takeover at Covenhoven with the Beerded Ladies. (Friday)

4. Bring your boldest, proudest Dad moves to the annual April Fools Silly Dance Contest and win cash prizes at Bia Bar. (Saturday)

5. Learn what credit scores are all about as Shoestring Press helps you make sense of those fancy numbers. (Saturday)

6. Check out Jean-Michel Basquiat’s notesbooks, see a film on his life, and hear music and poetry performances at the Brooklyn Museum’s Target First Saturdays. (Saturday)

7. Learn to make himmeli ornaments to make your walls and windows even more sophisticated with Greenpoint Hand Skills. (Saturday).

8. Friends and Lovers’ Mystery Flavor will feature ambient, dreamy, psychedelic music…or will it?! (Saturday)

9. See live comics get drawn by animators and hope their jokes don’t fall flat at Union Hall. (Saturday)

10. Learn how to maintain a functional relationship, or just bond over what a crapshoot dating is, at Relationsh*t with Jo Firestone. (Saturday)

11. Get soulful with old school vinyl cuts from Fancy Cat, Mikey Post, and Lil Beto. (Saturday)

12. Get back to dancehall’s roots with Reggae Retro 1st Saturday at Littlefield. (Saturday)

13. Freddy’s is holding a garage sale, but instead of moldy old comics and action figures missing an arm or a leg, they’re selling you actual useful musical equipment they’ve got lying around. (Saturday)

14. Indie rock dance party Mondo returns to Cameo and is getting in the spring spirit by celebrating girls with guitars. (Saturday)

15. Mad Men’s final season starts Sunday, so toast it with an old fashioned (or Bud Light) at one of these viewings. (Sunday)

16. Keep your Sunday smooth and spontaneous with Cortelyou Jazz Jam at at Bar Chord. (Sunday)

17. Over the Eight welcomes the dulcet tones of…you, because it’s time for Kings of Karaoke. Best of all, you can get a free shot for singing a punk song, and you don’t even need to have a good singing voice to do that. (Sunday)

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