The Week in Broketown, 5/5 – 5/9

brooklyn bridge park

This. Is. Happening. Photo by Julienne Schar, via BBP Facebook

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-The Brooklyn Bridge Park movie schedule showed up

-So did the Habana Outpost one

Everyone in America named their daughters “Brooklyn”

-There were jobs galore

-An F train dreamed of being a G train…and succeeded

-A financial planner told us how to get our budget looking right

-Fort Tilden opened for business. Summah business

-The Brooklyn Symphny Orchestra tuned up to play a live movie soundtrack

-We were invited to get a look inside the Domino Sugar Factory

-And smack a giant piñata full of money

-People were really excited about sober, early morning raves for some reason

-Turned out all the landlords really were plotting against you