The Week in Broketown, 1/20 – 1/24

subway cat

It’s Subway Cat’s world, we just live in it. via Flickr user iandavid

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These cats said BuzzFeed’s subway rankings were terribly wrong

-Sasheer Zamata took us on an unofficial Girls tour

-Speaking of Girls, Vogue got too bored to troll Brooklyn

-Green-Wood offered to find some secret family buried behind their walls

-Jay-Z got sued

-A weed-centered supper club allegedly opened

-Some kind soul started curating Craigslist for us

-Dudes continued to insist on paying for dates

-Fashion Week moving one show to Brooklyn was denounced by fashion crazies

-But no one denounced Ample Hills moving to Gowanus

-The Idiotarod opened for business again, before having to change its name


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