Walk-In Cookbook offers 20% off promo code to celebrate new delivery option

Easy cooking now becomes even easier!

Easy cooking now becomes even easier!

So, Park Slope’s Walk-In Kitchen: it exists, and it even comes with a an endorsement of sorts from our own handsome food expert, Kenji. Still, maybe you’re on the fence about it. Or maybe you just want as little human interaction as possible because Seamless has spoiled you that way. Well, good news: the Walk-In Cookbook will not only deliver to you now, and not only can you order online, but they’ve also got a 20% discount code for you to take advantage of between now and Friday.Yes, finally, cooking with no pants on can also encompass gathering the ingredients. You can peruse the online offering from the store here, and if you find something that catches your eye, enter the promo code COOK20. Then you can just wait, in you dark (or well-lit we suppose) apartment, until someone shows up with dinner for you, some assembly required.

Want to get out of the damn house because you’re too cheap to tips or because you want to take a walk to combat your sloth? The promo code extends to online orders for pickup also, so you can place your order, put on some pants and hold your head up high because you left the apartment damn it. Either way, it’s a meal for cheaper than usual, and you probably won’t even need to get Leftover Swap involved when you’re done.

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  • I tried reading this, but I got to “handsome food expert” and lost it. Thank you, “perfect-bone-structure word expert”. Also, still no such thing as potato risotto.