Here is a video of a rat on a packed subway car

Oh sure the above video might make you reach for a cheap #deblasiosnewyork joke or even decry the state of our gross subway cars. But we prefer to take comfort in the scene, and see it as a great equalizer and flattening out of privilege. Black or white, gay or straight, rich, poor or somewhere in between: when the subway rat comes for you, you too will become a quivering screaming mess trying desperately to claw your way out of a speeding metal tube. And isn’t that what New York is really about, when you stop and think?

subway car rat

Keep those legs up!

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  • The lady in the white pants is hillarious. “Shut up!”

  • Either its a car or a train it should be cleaned before starting. It is very bad to know that passengers are facing problems due to rats.

  • I came for a rat on a packed subway car.

    Clearly you are unfamiliar with the NYC subway. This car isn’t even half full.

  • Hello
    Now having a car is a status for everyone. People totally depend on car to perform their day to day work. Every Americans spend an average of 75 minutes a day in their car, but using cell phones while riding or taking a drink before driving is a bad habit of people. :)