If you’ve got an extra coat with a good hood, you can turn it into a free drink. via Flickr user Ed Yourdon

You don’t need us to tell you it’s miserable outside, but hey let’s just remind you: it’s fucking miserable and cold and snowy and wet outside. You probably have a winter coat though, which is fortunate because it makes the misery a little less miserable. Not eveyone is that lucky, but you can do something about it this month. If you’ve got an extra winter coat sitting around the house, now is the time to donate it, because Lowlands Bar will give you precious, precious alcohol in exchange for said coat.

South Slope News shared the word about the coat drive, which like the blanket drive at Mary’s Bar in December, works on the principle that while charity is its own reward, free alcohol is also a very good reward. All you need to do is bring a winter coat that isn’t beat to hell, because remember it’s being given to the homeless, and then you get a free drink.

Do you want a beer? Or a hot toddy? Maybe some kind of bright colorful drink that, however briefly, takes you away to a place where it’s warm? The choice will be all yours if you donate a coat. Maybe take one from a friend with many coats, they probably won’t notice, you’ll get booze the warm inner glow of doing a good thing and a homeless shelter will get a jacket. Everybody wins.

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