Tonight: U mad bro? Come bask in the Minimum Rage

Minimum rage; maximum funny.

Think of all the shitty jobs you’ve had in your life. Mine included: babysitting, selling skateboards, shilling cupcakes, writing about real estate, working at restaurants, teaching ice skating and teaching yoga. (I even went to Madonna’s house once on an errand. Pristine.)  Now think about how angry it makes you to constantly be someone’s bitch. Now imagine if you wrote about a show about all that anger. Good news: I did! It’s called Minimum Rage and  it’s tonight at 8pm at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre.  It’s a measly $5. I’d love it if you came, we got angry together, and you told all your friends about it. This week, it’s a TimeOut New York Critic’s Pick!