Tonight: Big Effing Deal for Brokelyn groupies

Brooklyn's own Reggie Watts: the largest comedy hair you'll ever see

This might sound self-promotional, but I’m doing it for your benefit (too). Here’s the thing: I co-host with Trish Nelson a fun comedy/variety show called A Big Effing Deal on Tuesdays at The Cove (formerly Hugs). And tonight’s show features not only Jessie Cantrell, Mrs. Claus, and the National Ballet, but also Reggie Watts, the reigning king of improv musical comedy looping magic (I mean, c’mon), as well as Brokelyn’s own Anna Jacobson performing one of her many other talents: belly dancing. And it’s all free.

Tonight, Tuesday, March 15th, 8 pm. The Cove, 108 N. 6th St. Williamsburg.