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We’re all celebrating the fantastic victories of gay rights and abortion rights today, some of us with music videos, with further activism or with sex swings. But the fight never ends. Witness the coming student loan rate apocalypse, in which interest rates on student loans will double from 3.4% to 6.8% on July 1. If you’ve got student loans and don’t want that to happen, you’ve got a chance to get out there and get your voice heard tomorrow with MoveOn.

Tomorrow, Thursday June 27, is MoveOn’s Bank on Students Day of Action, in which there will be rallies nationwide to call on Congress to get their shit together and prevent this rate hike from taking place. We’ve got one in Brooklyn, that is conveniently right near Brooklyn College. It goes down tomorrow in front of the Chase Bank on 1599 Flatbush Avenue (East Flatbush) at 10am. Bring your shouting voices and some comfy shoes to stand in. Might we recommend some pink ones?

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