Goodbye to all these Turkey’s Nest cups. Photo by Tim Donnelly

Styrofoam and New York City go together like pollution and New York City, so despite the looming styrofoam ban, a lot of you probably just pretended it wasn’t happening. Well, wake up and smell the sticky sweet margarita, because today is the last possible day you can drink a giant beer from Rosemary’s or The Turkey’s Nest, the last day you can get anything in a styrofoam container at all, actually.

The pollutant that your Chinese food and comically large drinks came in are going the way of the 9 train, never to be seen again after June 30. Ultimately, you probably won’t even notice, since even a threat by the Turkey’s Nest to raise prices in response to the ban was met with a shrug, but if you’re that attached to the cups, today’s the day to get to Williamsburg and cry into them and bite the rim of the cup and see your teeth marks in there with the rest of the city’s styrofoam enthusiasts. Of which there can’t possibly be that many because styrofoam was awful.

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