Even after the Brooklyn bar menu generator did a pretty good job of sending up the feverish foodie trends of modern-day Brooklyn (a better job than Kimmel, anyway), we knew we weren’t truly out of the woods. We knew that sooner than you could say “duck pancetta,” a new trend would come in and addle us all.

And we were right: a new design collaborative called Trouble Makers is trying to raise funds to launch a product called Critter Bitters, which is pretty straightforward—it’s just cocktail bitters made of bugs. 

Critter Bitters is just toasted crickets right now, but who knows — they might just expand to include infused cockroaches, rats, pigeons and other BK vermin better suited to upscale boozy drinks than misguided Halloween outfits. We can just see it now: droves of thirsty Brooklynites swizzling butterfly wing with Lillet, subbing out celery bitters for a moth-based infusion.

Trouble Makers is two Brooklynites who met at SVA (go figure). And it’s not just for show, they really tout various health benefits of drinking bugs. So if you want to help them out and get a chance to try cricket juice in your next Manhattan, throw them a couple dollars on their Kickstarter.

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