Tis the season for discounted Nets tickets

brooklyn nets

Kevin Garnett displaying how much you should actually pay to see the Nets this year. via Facebook

Now that baseball season is over, you might have been worried your steady diet of a younger brother team that can’t seem to get out of its own way is going to be curtailed. Have no fear though, because the NBA season kicks off in just over a week and that means the Nets are back. With no Paul Pierce and no conference championship dreams this year, it also means cheap Nets tickets are on tap from the very start of the season!

Time will tell if the best way to get Nets tickets is to just haggle with desperate scalpers standing in front of Atlantic Terminal, but for now, you can get some tickets for up to 50% off through Goldstar. There’s a Nets/Timberwolves game on November 5 where you can see the possibly Brook Lopez-less Nets take on the Kevin Love-less T-Wolves for just $33 (instead of $70) in the 200s section. Or, you could see the Nets take on the Orlando Magic for $40 instead of $80 or $30 instead of $55 in about the same spot at the Magic game.

It’s a new season, and whatever hope you might have is probably still alive, so you may as well take the time to enjoy the team before the storyline becomes “Hey whatever happened to all our draft picks?” and “Does New York have room for two comically awful basketball teams with more money than sense?”

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