Thursday lunchtime linkage

Pick up your own god damn garbage [FiPS]
Strikes work [Gawker]
Barclays: Dumping money in a hole in the ground and setting it on fire [NYP]
But at least you’ll get free non-Barclays ATMs [NYT]
If it doesn’t have a city hall made of meat, it’s no BrisketTown [NYT]
The Sandusky scandal has a local hook now, in case you hadn’t cried and barfed enough [Daily News]
Oh hey, Shake Shack will still make you fat as hell, a doy [WSJ]
And smoking will make you poor as hell. Er, poorer as heller [Reuters]

One Comment

  • I invested in a BrisketTown municipal bond, but it didn’t meat quarterly earning projections.