Because life doesn’t get much better than this. (via Flickr user smallkaa)

Step aside Romeo & Juliet, everyone knows that pizza & beer are history’s REAL star-crossed lovers. Way less tragic and infinitely more cheesy, nothing quite satisfies like a slice and a cold one, especially when we’re talking about Bushwick heavyweight Roberta’s December pop-up at Threes Brewing‘s brand new 8,000 square-foot Gowanus brewpub

Grub Street reports that Threes Brewing opens shop December 11, and it looks to be much more than just another biergarden. Yes they’ll sell their own ale, as well as 20 craft drafts, but they’ll be open daily from 7am-4am, serving up Ninth Street Espresso coffee all day, and beer and spirits well into the night.

Of course if you plan on camping out from dawn til dawn again, you’ll probably need some sustenance beyond caffeine and alcohol. That’s where Roberta’s comes in — which will be the first pop-up restaurant in a rotation of Brooklyn standbys while Threes Brewing pins down their permanent in-house grub. Snag a slice (or we guess a salad, since technically that foreign-looking foliage will be offered too…) quick, because Roberta’s is only playing house until December 21.

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