It’s a noble train, yes it is. via Flickr user gmpicket

We’ve got to hand it to the Riders Alliance: they want better service on the G train just like you and I do, but instead of drunkenly bitching about it on the platform late at night, they’ve been out on the streets fighting for it. It looks like their push is gaining momentum, because after holding a meeting and petitioning about it, they’re taking the next, funnest step in public advocacy: they’re holding a rally, what with the chants and the signs and the feeling of bonhomie, this Sunday.

The group will be rallying for the things they’ve been fighting and petitioning for previously: increased service, transfers from the Hewes J to the Broadway G and Fulton G to Atlantic Terminal and better communication from the MTA when things get all screwy. And they aren’t on their own out there: joining them will be State Senators Daniel Squadron and Martin Dilan. If you also want to scream and shout for a better G train, RSVP and then join the group at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Union Avenue at 1pm.

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