This week in brokeland, 7/16-7/20

Via Flickr’s Nicholas Hendrickx.

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-Kristen Schaal got ready to leave us, and Jon Hamm made the handsomest apple ever.

-We found out your student loans are why you are forever alone.

-Kate asked your help in luring her boyfriend here from New Orleans.

-Bushwick Block Party released the most intense promo video ever.

-The employee handbook for the Williamsburg J. Crew leaked, and we got our hands on it.

-Matisyahu went all pop-star blond.

-It turned out only a few people will miss Daffy’s.

-Bike share got delayed, because of things.

-People came together, over tea at a new singalong series.

-Even public officials are trying to get the fireworks back to this side of town.