The week in Brokeland 5/7-5/11

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-We listed all your cheap seat options for attending baseball games; yes, even at Yankee Stadium.

-It was a big week for bike share: we found out what the bikes look like, where they’ll be, and why some neighborhoods won’t get them yet.

-More people are naming their kids Brooklyn, which, c’mon.

-Someone released this ridiculously priced, unattractive Brooklyn shirt.

-The New York Times digital subscription price disparity had people scratching their heads.

-A great business plan for people who love breast feeding came to light.

-Maurice Sendak, another beloved Brooklyn native, went to the great wild rumpus in the sky.

-Jessica scavenged craigslist furniture ads so you don’t have to.

-This thing and this meme.

-The schedule dropped for the awesome free summer concert series in Prospect Park.

-Bike crashes? These guys made an app for that.

-We offered you free tickets to the huge Skee-Ball tournament.

-A secret shopper revealed here trade, uh, secrets.

-Dave was not a fan of Hulu’s rumored changes.