This pair of couches is $699 at a going-out-of-business sale

You know that janky-looking furniture store at the corner of Pacific and Flatbush? American Mattress &  Furniture  Warehouse is having a going-out-of-business sale, and while there’s some kind of something funky going on in the store fragrance-wise, they’re ready to play let’s make a deal if you find anything you like. Provided they come fragrance-free (a big “if”), this pair of couches looks like a good deal, originally $1099, then $899 and now $699 for the deuce. Certainly beats the infested curbside variety. Plus, the more you talk to the salesman (ask for Naeem), the cheaper everything gets. There’s not tons, but here’s some other stuff:


These are those screens you use to turn half of your one-room apartment into a massage studio. The sign says $169 but they dropped to $129 and then $99 before our eyes.



This leather(ette?)-covered dresser is interesting. It has an unusual roundish shape (that bottom drawer must be a killer), but the drawers look too shallow to hold much clothing other than socks and underwear. There’s more than ample space for art supplies, crafting stuff and dried herbs for your new line of small-batch artisanal deodorant. It was $99 this afternoon, but keep talking.


There are also mattresses, bed frames and big rectangular things covered in wrapping. Here’s the exterior, by the way, in case you happen to miss this little gem: