Little do those suckers know they’re paying full price. via Brew York

Brooklyn’s beer hall renaissance is a wonderful thing for you, the informed beer drinker. It means you get to gather with both friends and strangers and order beers with unpronounceable names in a foreign tongue from a huge menu. And more often than not, these beers are high gravity and come in enormous steins, sometimes even in a big boot. One of the newer entrants to the game is Park Slope’s Die Koelner Bierhalle (The Cologne beer hall). If you haven’t had the chance to go yet, perhaps this offer for $48 worth of food and drink for $22 can entice you?

This magic ticket of sorts, from BevBucks, will get you and one guest (or just you we guess, if you want to really get housed) four Weihenstephan beers on tap and two sausage, burger or salad entrees off the menu for just $22. There’s a little bit of fine print, the most important being that you can’t use the offer on Friday or Saturday. But that’s alright, being drunk on a weekday is more fun anyway.

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