The week in brokeland, 8/20-8/24

Music editor Kelly McClure and other Vice staffers got “hooliganism” tattoos in solidarity with Pussy Riot this week. Via Vice.

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-Downtown’s quirky cool Dekalb Market announced it’s closing indefinitely.

-We listed all of Brooklyn’s best free and cheap comedy shows, in one convenient list.

-You ran out of excuses to not register to vote.

-And even you political junkies can feel ok ditching your TV this year.

-The NYPD said maybe you should turn on your space-age phone tracking technology.

-Pussy Riot got sentenced in Russia; people in Brooklyn decided to help.

-The Atlantic says our economy is boned; and that’s good for our generation.

-A barista told you why everyone at the coffee shop hates you.

-BAM unveiled artsy new bike racks, designed by David Byrne.

-This funemployed sex diary’s author became our brokestar of the week.

-People are handing out free coffee, just for you bikers.