The week in brokeland, 7/23-27

An ad from the NYC Olympics that could have been.

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-The Berlin hipster olympics reminded us of other things we’re glad didn’t happen here.

-Eric & Sue released a new episode of Brokelandia, featuring Grizz from 30 Rock!

-It never hurts to remind yourself we could be just as screwed as London right now.

-We helped you plan your boozy Olympics watching.

-We found out what a gold medal is really worth, in Brooklyn terms.

-It’s no absinthe, but we rounded up some still pretty good drink and draw classes around the city.

-Grub Street picked 13 best (sorta) taco spots in BK.

10 songs about the G train were released and go stuck in our heads.

-BAM advertised a job where you get to hang out with famous folk.

-Faye discovered the secret to living above Fairway: having a lot of money.