The week in Brokeland: 4/9-4/13

A giant rainbow parade, possibly coming to a Brooklyn Bridge near you.

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-Ridiculously cheap dumplings finally came to Brooklyn.

-Some bitter people didn’t want anyone to have any fun at Barclay’s Center.

-If you don’t have TV, you’ve got a few options to watch HBO’s Girls debut this weekend, including watching free online.

-Caroline told you what it’s like to get rejected from food stamps.

-The world needs more lady hackers.

-We came to terms with an artisanal mayo shop existing in Brooklyn.

-Brooklyn life started to really imitate Portlandia.

-A girl raised $1,500 for her own ridiculously twee rainbow parade birthday party.

-We learned an Ivy league dating service exists.

Bike Share revealed its prices, models and job openings.

-Crowd sourced deliciousness: birthday cake edition.

-Everyone’s debt is screwed! Yay!