The week in Brokeland: 4/23-4/27

Leaked BK Nets merch, via @UniWatch.

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-Sue and Eric made a new Brokelandia episode, and it is relevant for your weekend party plans.

-Some of us have really terrible interview stories. Just like on HBO!

Quick pickle just about anything, for people without pickling patience.

Hall & Oates will bring smoothness back at Great Googamooga next month.

-We listed every kind of craft class you could ever want in Brooklyn.

-Even if you can’t afford to travel to the Olympics, at least you can watch them online at home for free.

-President drops the mike on the student loan crisis.

-The Brooklyn Nets are coming! Do you care?

-Businesses are rewarding you for biking.

-Find a new home with Brokelyn’s brand-new apartment listings for brokesters!

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  • Wait, did you guys significantly reformat the website? Now when I try to read brokelyn in google reader (as I always do) I have to click through with every post. Really, really dislike. Is there any way to fix that??? Sorry to make an unrelated comment but the number of tabs open on my computer at all times is already scandalous, I can’t deal with more!