The week in Brokeland, 10/8-10/12

Gentrifying Brooklyn used to at least involve more than espresso. Via Flickr’s Sean Ganaan.

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-A good source for Halloween costumes opened its doors.

-If you don’t win it though, there are plenty free CMJ shows.

-Oh hey, we found the world’s most tone-deaf gentrifier.

-We made our beards smell like Red Hook. And for so cheap too!

-Restaurants got called out for sheisty penny gouging.

-Conal helped you get ouf of the coffee shop and into an office, of sorts.

-We pitted Fairway against Fresh Direct in a battle to the death of low prices

-We found a free CMJ pass, if you want one.

-Kenji clued you in to some new restaurants on the horizon.

There’s a new Lena Dunham. The old one was getting played out anyway.

-We’re helping give away a bike. A new bike.

-Walt Whitman went searching for a new life partner.

-A possible pizza riot loomed on the horizon.