The slice is life at new exhibit (with free pizza!)

Not only has cheap pizza historically been the broke person’s best friend, but it’s also an economic indicator, aka The Pizza Principle. In that vein, the City Reliquary is celebrating a new exhibition at 7 pm tomorrow: one man’s quest to eat a slice from every pizzeria in New York City. It includes hundreds of pictures of each slice, the joints themselves, and (perk those Brokelyn ears up…now) free slices from local outlets. Colin, the man behind the culinary mission, will read excerpts from his zine, Slice Harvester, so there will be something  to distract Super Mario while you snag extra. If you attend, please check back with us on the following pressing issues: 1. Is there a difference between Famous Original and Original Famous in the “Ray’s” division? 2. Did he actually go to Sbarro (gross)? 3. Is his real name Michelangelo (look for the orange face mask)?