The Sartorialist on the prowl in Brooklyn

picture-34The Sartorialist, our favorite fashion voyeur/photo-blogger, has the best job in the world: snapping shots of nattily dressed folk on the streets of Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo, Sydney—and now Fort Greene. Yes, former marketing exec turned fashion-crack supplier has been pointing his lens at style lookers in our very own borough lately (pick me! pick me!), where he photographed this floral-shawled beauty outside Habana Outpost on Fulton Street.

The young lady in today’s post is dressed very simply, and yet I couldn’t help but notice her in the crowded cafe where she was sitting with a friend. She looked so elegant in her simple white summer dress with a colorful floral scarf wrapped high around her shoulders. Not groundbreaking, not earth shattering, but in its own way, a very glamorous way to live a simply nice life.

Other photos feature a navy-and-orange clad prepster on Fulton Street, a purple-sneakered mountain biker on South Portland and a high-haired dude in head-to-toe cobalt blue sitting atop an ancient TV console. “A David Byrne/Basquiat moment,” the Sartorialist said. Yeah really, who is that guy? See Sartorialist blogger Scott Schuman’s Brooklyn pics here, right after the snaps of a weirdly Gatsbyesque wedding he went to on Governor’s Island.

(via UrbanByDesign on Twitter)