The Nets looking for Brooklyn’s finest (dancers)

This could be you! via WPIX.

If you’ve always dreamed of taking the court at an NBA arena but couldn’t hit a layup to save your life, you’re in luck. Provided you can dance that is. Fresh off the unveiling of their new logo, the Nets are holding open auditions for their dance team, a squad responsible for distracting angry fans from Derrick Rose-sponsored beatdowns firing up the crowd.

If you get picked as one of the 20 lucky dancers, you’ll perform at every Nets home game and can see the world at Nets sponsored events happening outside of the Rustorium. They won’t take just any pop-and-locker or hilariously fat dude off the street though.

Prospective dancers have to be at least 18 and have have at least 8 years of technical dance experience. Also be sure to show up looking glam with non-marking sneakers or dance shoes. Auditions are at 11am June 2  at LIU-Brooklyn’s Wellness, Recreation and Athletic Center, 161 Ashland Place.

[Via NYP]