So, uh, you guys hang out at The Levee? Via.

These uniforms only scream “Brooklyn” a little bit (something more colorful along these lines might do it), but they do have a solid bit of Kings County glam and grit that we are happy to have represent our borough in pro sports. And they’re certainly are way more fly than the usual cheerleading get up. The designer, David Dalrymple, also made costumes for Beyonce and Mary J. Blige. As the NY Post says, “Our cheerleaders can beat up your cheerleaders.” Now, is it still too late to change that team name to something more Brooklyn-ish?

Oh, and look at those boots!


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    • That makes sense to me, because I have a totally unfounded theory that the worse a team is and more desperate for attention they are, the less clothing they have their cheerleaders wear. Although it’s mostly gleaned from watching a handful of Knicks games during the Lost Decade. Decades, now, I guess. Jesus.

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