The McCarren Pool weekday employment report

Why the world needs interns. Via NY Mag.

As you sit there chained to your office cubicle (or chain-drinking iced coffee at your local cafe), know that there are people right now splashing around in the brand-new waters of McCarren Pool. “WHAT?!” you’re thinking. “Having fun … on a WEEKDAY??” New York Magazine’s intrepid interns set out to find out the answer to the Seinfeld-esque question: Who ARE these people? The trope is that these are either a) anarchist neighborhood hooligan youths with continence issues or B) those lousy hepsters who are on a break from building their rooftop beehives out of PBR cans. The truth is, of course, it’s not quite either.

The magazine surveyed 100 people and found that most (33 percent) listed their job in the artistic field, and consider themselves “part-time” or “freelance,” although people were a bit reluctant to just list themselves as “unemployed.”

“It’s really a lot of families, not crazy hipsters,”Heather, a 38-year-old who identified as a student, told the magazine. Another called it the “most mixed pool I’ve been to in New York.”

Make sure to read the full report here.