Just in from Ohio: A truck giving away free ice cream

Brooklyn is traditionally a bit … hesitant … to things that come to this city from Ohio. But free ice cream is usually a good enough reason to bridge our cultural boundaries, and our friend from Columbus assures us of this particular brand: “Damn it is delicious.” Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, a Columbus-based company that offers super-fancy flavors such as sweet corn & black raspberries, cherry lambic and riesling poached pear sorbet, is bringing its ice cream truck to New York next week to give out FREE ICE CREAM.

The tour starts in the Upper East Side on Monday and will hit several spots around the boroughs, including a big swing through Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Fort Greene and Dumbo from Thursday (Sept. 15) through Saturday. Find the full map here.

[Via NYT]

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  • JENIS is AMAZING. best ice cream ever. Once you try it, (for free even ! ) you will never hate on Ohio again.

  • Yea! Jeni’s is amazing and blows away places like van leeuwen out of the water! Lived in Ohio for grad school and haven’t found anything close to Jeni’s here…can’t wait!