The David Byrne bike racks at BAM just got an upgrade

Tk tk tk

Mo vinyl, mo parking.

Remember a year ago when you used to look at boring old bike racks around town and think to yourself: “man, I wish these said something.” Then last August, beloved Brooklynite and head that talks David Byrne came along and waved his magic wand of whimsy in front of BAM and poof! these bike racks appeared spelling out words, and everyone loved them, because it confirmed that BAM is pretty cool in general. Last week, the words got rotated out for the first time, thanks to this contest. Originally, they said “micro lip” and “pink crown;” now they spell out “mo vinyl” and “wry romp.” It’s just the first of planned word changes into the future. Portland has had a year to commission some Brian Eno racks but still none are in sight, so I think we’re winning, Brooklyn.

That top one is to the right if you’re facing BAM. This one is to the left:


That’s my favorite kind of romp!

We’re still waiting to hear from BAM who the winners of this contest were, but speak up if it is you for proper credit. Here are the other entries that almost won.

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