Sixpoint brewer Sean Redmond makes the list (ours too!) Daily News photo by Todd Maisel.
Sixpoint brewer Sean Redmond makes the list (ours too!) Daily News photo by Todd Maisel.

The Daily News isn’t an obvious place to find worthwhile outings in Brooklyn (if you’re looking for “sexy celebrity Mormoms” on the other hand…). But the tab’s new list of BK favorites has some intriguing local finds. Shark burgers on Utica Avenue, Buddhist tomb-sweeping day at Cypress Hills Cemetery and the city’s first all-female mariachi band are “just a few of the things we at the Brooklyn bureau of the Daily News love right now.” Have you been to the Brooklynphono vinyl shop in Sunset Park? How about the Muslim-owned kosher Coney Island Bialys and Bagels in Sheepshead Bay? Or the decidedly not kosher Paneantico salumeria in Fort Hamilton? Here, the rest of the Daily News favorites and over here, the sexiest WAGs in sports.

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  1. Shark is one of the few meats all people should be ashamed to eat. Terrible practices getting shark meat in the US. Worse than anything a vegetarian/vegan/PEtA person could say about another animal.

  2. What’s with the snarky b.s. comment pissing on The News. Do you actually pick it up and read it? Hipster punk.

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