The best Donnas/Benatar/Blondie tweets (as of 12:25 a.m.)

katelondonNYC At the Coney Island Pat Benatar/Blondie show with my niece….WHO THE FUCK ARE THE DONNAS?
matthewbautista In 6th grade I was busted shoplifitng Pat Benatar‘s greatest hits. She brings out the bad ass in me. Tonight, I just might pee in public..
twoheadedbah Pat Benatar: “…this song is about child abuse.” Crazy Old Guy: “YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” (COG has been fully reclined in a lawn chair…
erw117 Stfu pat benatar
brian fraley
Benatar=yawn. Brooklyn audience=aggressive. Beer=empty.
jolina They’re playing ‘one way or another’. Can’t help wondering how many people here were conceived to this song and am I one of them?
lizraftery Debbie Harry looks like an aged cabaret singer and Pat Benatar sounds like she chain-smokd a carton of cigarettes, but still a fun show:)

i saw blondie instead of going to my senior prom. she was awesome!
Fvr21 Ok on the real tho pat benatar is staright killing it seriouly this the weirdest and most amazing show I have EVER been to.