The Awl empire brings glib headlines, Gchat interviews to the world of personal finance

The publishers of The Awl/The Hairpin/Splitsider/The Wirecutter released another tool-named blog today, The Billfold, which will for sure be a repository of personal finance issues covered in all sorts of engaging, non-SEO friendly headlines. And we declare war on them that will be carried out through awkward personal interviews with their editors and passive aggressive linkbacks! JKJKJK! It will probably be illuminating and useful in that particular Awl way, so we’ll be checking back on it often. It’s edited by Mike Dang, managing editor at Long Reads, and Logan Sachon, an Awl contributor. The highlights so far are this tale of tattoo removal at a free clinic and this post about “middle class snack kids,” bemoaning the risk of even the thriftiest among us becoming weak in the face of endless snacking. And if you can read about IRA tips without your eyes exploding in boredom, they’ve got that kinda stuff too.