Be thankful for $40 turkey day tattoos

Tattoo with a side of potatoes.

Thanksgiving means bus rides to Jersey, arguing with your veggie friends over that dead bird in the oven and awkward family convos where your grandmother tells you she’s “mostly OK with the gays now.” Why not have something new to debate this year: a tattoo! Sara Antoinette Martin of Brooklyn Tattoo on Smith Street is offering $40 tattoos from the flash sheet from today through mid-December. That “AMNESTY’ one will make your veggie friends happy, at least.Martin, an apprentice at the shop, previously offered a Halloween tattoo special, and you can see some of her work on Flickr. To make an appointment, she says it’s best to come by the shop at 99 Smith St. on Mondays or Wendesdays-Saturdays, or you can email sara.antoinette(at), or call the shop at 718.643.1610.

If you missed the Halloween tattoos, she’ll do one of those for $40-$50 too