So this is where she’s been hiding after escaping last season. Image via Twitter

In Williamsburg, they take their pop-culture very seriously. It seems that the celebrities from our favorite TV shows are also figuring that out. At Videology, none other than Orange is The New Black actress Barbara Rosenblat (Ms. Rosa) showed up during their OITNB trivia night. If you are out of the loop, Videology has trivia nights twice a week, with chances for you and your friends to win free alcohol. The trivia nights that happen over the weekend all revolve around one film. This week, the film will be the classic Steven Spielberg film Jurassic Park. So who knows, you may be gifted with the presence of Jeff Goldblum himself, or some hungry raptors. We recommend you don’t try to tame the raptors, because that’s just stupid (sorry Chris Pratt).

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