On the other hand, renovation IS a job creating activity.

We mentioned a couple weeks ago that talk show LNNY was kicking off their new season with an episode devoted to gentrification, and if you didn’t get to actually go see the taping yourself, you can see it online here. Seeing as how the show is taped in Bushwick, host Justin Williams sent their roving man on the street Christian Polanco to talk to business owners and longtime residents of the neighborhood to get their thoughts on all the white people.

So, as any reasonable person would suspect, longtime residents are happy with the safer streets and not seeing four guys gunned down at the same time on their block. But they’re also concerned about the community getting pushed out and landlords that tell them things like “White people said they’d pay more for this building so get out.” Whatever this video makes you feel, it’s just nice that for once there’s a man on the street video that’s more about making the people who watch it uncomfortable instead of making the people being interviewed look stupid.

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You'd think saying, 'There goes the neighborhood' would get old, but it feels relevant every goddamn time.


"The idea is about flipping the objectification thing," but there isn't anything anti-men about this.


Naming your purebred Golden Doodle Rosa Parks is in fact offensive and tone deaf and in no way makes you a more welcome area resident.


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