10/25/16 4:40pm
PSA: Don't narc out bodega cats on Yelp or you will be furiously mocked

no. Via SynKami on Twitter.

Yes, having a bodega cat is not technically “legal,” but it’s not “legal” in the way that drinking wine in the park or bringing your dog into a bar isn’t legal, which is to say it’s an accepted form of New York life that no one minds so long as you don’t make a big deal of it. Yet someone did make a big deal of it in a (what now appears to be deleted) Yelp review of S.K. Deli in the East Village last month, revealing themselves as potentially a fresh-off-the-bus noob or maybe someone who has somehow never needed beer, condoms and Windex in the middle of the night.

The, reviewer, Diana D., has been getting roasted by fellow Yelpers with comments like: “No one likes you. This deli has pretty much anything you might want out of a deli. Owner is a hard ass but the cat is awesome,” which is about the perfect description for most bodegas in New York. UPDATE: Someone created a petition to legalize bodega cats once and for all. (more…)

01/29/15 3:54pm
roberta's pizza

Apparently these Roberta’s pies aren’t some of the 100 best things you should east this year. via Flickr user Premshree Pillai

Recently, Yelp released its 2015 list of “Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S.”, and we were mighty surprised to see that only a few places in New York—none of which are in Brooklyn—made the cut. For the love of all that is Traif, in the name of Roberta’s, what does this mean? Has New York finally lost its foodie luster and been reduced to the likes of mediocre drive-through towns, with nothing but corporate eateries and a few white tablecloths to show for all its growing pains? (more…)

07/29/14 1:41pm
If only this cheeseburger had sound!

If only this cheeseburger had sound! via Reddit

Don’t you just love when you’re at a restaurant and all the people around you need to document every damn bite they take? Of course you do! Those glowing screens help you see your food better! Well get ready for more romantic Android light, because Yelp’s video feature went live today, meaning you can now add compelling twelve-second clips to your reviews. (more…)

10/30/13 3:23pm
No, but you should be paid if you can look at that wall without going blind. via Yelp's Flickr

No, but you should be paid if you can look at that wall without going blind. via Yelp’s Flickr

The question of paying internet writers, and how much they should get, came to the forefront again this week after an op-ed in the New York Times about it. And either inspired by that discussion of internet publishers’ responsibilities or just sick of disrupting food writing and not seeing much from it, a group of Yelp users has sued the company claiming to be uncompensated employees. Shrewd cash grab or ridiculous overreach? (more…)

09/23/13 3:59pm
A bear using a computer always did seem a little fishy... via Facebook

A bear using a computer always did seem a little fishy… via Facebook

While perusing Yelp when you’re thinking of going out somewhere, do you ever look at the reviews and think to yourself, “Man, that can’t possibly be true”? If you did, you weren’t alone. New York State attorney general Eric Schneiderman, perhaps after a romantic evening was ruined by a place with a 5-star review, delved into the world of Yelp reviews and found they were rife with pay-to-play fraud. In response, he’s busted a number of businesses that pay for good reviews. Well, there goes another freelance writing opportunity for you. (more…)

07/02/13 3:46pm
Sure, the Lower East Side, home of all he cheap stuff.

Sure, the Lower East Side, home of all the cheap stuff.

If you work in food service, you know that Yelp can be a ton of BS. Foodier-than-thou reviewers blaming servers for the mistakes of the kitchen (and vice versa), and multiple haughty empty threats to take business elsewhere. But let’s be real about one thing: we’re still using it, aren’t we? So as everyone comes within an inch of getting fired over a misinformed customer review, Yelp keeps rolling out all this fun interactive crap that we can’t stop using. Presenting the Yelp Wordmap, which creates an ever-changing map of hotspots according to the number of reviews that mention certain buzzwords, such as “cheap,” “hipster,” and “PBR.” (more…)

05/13/13 4:00pm
This movies won't suck... your blood.

These movies won’t suck… your blood.

UPDATE: The contest is over and the winners have been notified. If you were too late, remember, you can sign up for our mailing list and enter special contests every week just for subscribers. Enter your e-mail address in the box in the right-hand column. We’ll send out a newsletter every week with the weekend’s hot events, highlights from the site, and details about the current contest.

Like scary movies? Then you’ll want to read this. We’re giving five lucky email subscribers tickets to Yelp’s Passport To Downtown Brooklyn Horror and Suspense night this Thursday! These tickets will get you and a friend access to The Dark Side screening, featuring indie horror shorts plus the World Premiere of 5 SENSES OF FEAR from Chiller TV. And Tony Timpone, the legendary Editor Emeritus of Fangoria Magazine, is moderating the Q&A session with the filmmakers after the screening. (more…)

03/05/13 11:36am
Crown Heights partisans strike a blow. via I Love Franklin Ave

Crown Heights partisans strike a blow. via I Love Franklin Ave

There’s nothing better than watching neighborhoods scrap over a block here or a block there. Now that people are pouring into Brooklyn like so much ketchup on a highway, you’ve got fights breaking out over what street belongs to what neighborhood. We’ve already had East Williamsburg firing shots delivering a petition to try to break away from Williamsburg, the horror of East Bushwick, and now a little further south, we’ve got the signs of conflict brewing between Crown Heights and Prospect Heights. (more…)

02/11/13 1:00pm
Make it a dark and stormy night at Lavender Lake. via Facebook

Make it a dark and stormy night at Lavender Lake. via Facebook

Nothing makes winter seem less awful than a whole bunch of cheap drink specials and boozy holidays. The folks over at Yelp seem to recognize that, and they’re giving us a little end-of-season gift. Starting next Monday, Yelp is offering a weeklong happy hour at highly-rated bars all over Brooklyn complete with half-priced beers, wines and specialty cocktails, so you and your buddies can spend Monday through Sunday blissfully floating through a hot toddy-induced haze while the rest of the snow melts. Hangovers ahoy! (more…)

12/10/12 2:16pm

Artist’s rendering of the potential legal decision. via SodaHead

We’ve all read Yelp reviews that seem to be written by the most petulant, entitled people on the face of the Earth. You know, the ones that go “The food was great and the atmosphere was wonderful, but the waiter coughed a couple of times and I didn’t really care for his beard, so I won’t be coming here again and you should avoid it.” Apparently people actually take these things seriously? And even go to court over it sometimes? Apparently they do, because a Virginia woman is facing a $750,000 defamation lawsuit for a Yelp review of a development company that they claim is libelous and damaging to their business. (more…)