12/30/16 12:41pm

Even without the whole election thing, 2016 would have been a terrible year in America, what with the picking off of cultural icons like some kind of sick Hunger Games. And notwithstanding the human casualties of the year, there’s yet more eulogizing to be done, so we made this video in tribute.

We lost more than 30 venues, bars and beloved businesses in Brooklyn this year— to rent hikes, code violations, scummy landlords or heinous buyouts. Some went with a bang, others with a Facebook post; some simply closed under mysterious circumstances, leaving the rest of us to wonder what went wrong. (more…)

12/22/16 12:27pm
The Pour House of Bay Ridge has teachers bartend on Fridays; learn a thing or two. via FB

The Pour House of Bay Ridge has teachers bartend on Fridays. We give their bar game an A. via Facebook

This article appears as part of Brokelyn’s “Year in Review” series, which will continue throughout the week. 

Drinking has gone from habit to necessity in the year 2016, and Brooklyn’s bars have undoubtedly reaped the fruits of our misery. We certainly don’t fault them for being on the come-up in the wake of America’s comeuppance. We’re just glad to have a constantly revolving door of solid places to drown our sorrows, revel in what’s left of our hopes and dreams, and occasionally get our taxes done in the process.

In that spirit (never gets old), we present to you: This Year in Bars, in the form of beer and shot specials you might find at any of our borough’s fine watering holes. Which one of our specials/bar roundups suits your tastes and qualities best? Read on to gain that liquid knowledge, my friend, and here’s hoping our livers survive the next four years.  (more…)

12/30/15 4:30pm
We saw the future this year, and it was pretty popular

We saw the future this year, and it was pretty popular

Hoo boy, 2015 is just about over, and if there’s one thing we can say about it, it was a year that exists in the linear structure of time. In some ways it was good, like all the food deal collating and journeying we did, and in many ways it was bad like any time there was a real estate story, our insistence on turning animals eating garbage into hot #content and a bunch of places closing (though not as many as in 2014, but every venue everywhere can’t close all in the same year every year). Take a look back with us at some service-y stuff, some thing we got angry about, the interesting people we met along the way and the stories that turned out to be the most popular ones of the year. (more…)

12/31/13 2:29pm
nick gilronan

We don’t do the “Man of the Year” thing, but if we did, ours would be Nick Gilronan, aka The Delivery Man. Photo by Mary Dorn

Man, 2013. It’s gone already, and thankfully, it didn’t have anything near as devastating as Hurricane Sandy. We just had a sleepy mayoral election, mostly because we used up all of our best jokes (and joke candidates) on the Democratic primary. But just because 2013 didn’t have a signature local cataclysm (unless you really do believe all that #deblasiosnewyork stuff), it doesn’t mean it wasn’t interesting. (more…)