03/02/17 9:00am
Say konichiwa to JK Pop with The Lothario (#5)

Say konichiwa to some JK Pop with The Lothario (#5)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Get in formation and head to Puppet Playlist #23: Beyoncé, where a dozen puppeteers have prepared short puppet skits to the tunes of the one and only Queen Bey. (Friday, Triskelion Arts, $15)

2. Learn a new way to groove at Brooklyn Contra Dance, a cross between swing and square dancing, with a live 10-piece band. Beginners welcome. (Friday, Camp Friendship, $15)

3. Get funny chills at Comedy Electric #10, with Justin Williams, Alvin Irby, Maria Heinegg, Elsa Waithe, Boris Khaykin, Clark Jones, and a surprise guest. (Friday, Franklin Electric, FREE) (more…)

02/20/17 11:00am
This week in anti-Trump activism in NYC: Not my President's Day edition

Photo from Sunday’s #IAmAMuslimToo rally in Times Square. (John Devanney/Twitter)

Let’s get a few things straight: #resistance should obviously mean more than Tweeting “hey, stop that” at the president, but it doesn’t exclusively mean attending every single rally and march outside Trump Tower, either. This week, we’ve compiled plenty of ways for you to get involved in grassroots activism at the most vital level, from letter writing to fighting against climate change. Local organizing may not be sexy, but someone’s got to do it (and that someone is you!). (more…)

02/09/17 10:19am
Save the last dance for The Mad Doctors (#4) (pic by Marisa KM)

Save the last dance for The Mad Doctors (#4) (pic by Marisa KM)

Stay informed about fundraisers and other anti-Trump events across NYC in our weekly activism roundup here.

Note: Check with organizers to see if any of these events are affected by the snowstorm.

1. Listen to a new frequency at Work x Work On Air, four days of curated programming celebrating the art of storytelling, podcasting, and experiential audio. (Friday through Sunday, Wythe Hotel, FREE)

2. Bring the gals to Eve Productions’ Queer Bingo Mingle, with hot numbers action followed by drink specials and dancing for queer ladies and their pals. (Friday, Club Xstasy, $5 per Bingo board)

3. Learn about dudeliness at It’s a Guy Thing, where Ziwe Fumudoh, Meaghan Strickland, Lucy Randall, and Hamm Samwich explain manly stuff to the womanly hosts. (Friday, Union Hall, $6) (more…)

08/30/16 4:00pm
Decisions, decisions. What's it gonna BnB?

Decisions, decisions. What’s it gonna BnB? via Sidiq on Airbnb

The Staycation is a contentious affordance here in Brooklyn. Amidst an ongoing affordable housing crisis that leads to things like this and this, there’s just something icky about the practice of spending hundreds of dollars to enjoy a fancy weekend in Brooklyn a few blocks from you actually live. But hey, maybe you work hard to earn that chunk of vacation change and you couldn’t afford to fly anywhere (though FYI, yuge airfare savings are coming later this fall). So if that’s how you wanna spend Labor Day weekend, we’re not judging.

We recently learned from Bedford & Bowery that the Wythe Hotel, like so many other #brands these days, is trying to appeal to the Brooklynite population by offering half-price rooms to BK residents over Labor Day weekend. That’s right folks, with proof of a BK address comes a shiny $132/night bunk bed room, half off its regular $265 price tag. I mean yeah, bunk beds. But in bunk bed room’s defense, it has flat-screen TVs in each bunk.

Even with this discount, though, is it better to rent with Airbnb? Avoid the capitalist machine, and all that? We compared two Labor Day weekend rentals, both alike in dignity and available at the time of this post: a bunk-bed room at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg (still available to book, as of this post time) and this comparable Airbnb room right next door.

To help you make a bed-ucated decision about where to lay your head this Labor Day, we looked at how each one stacks up in room quality, amenities, even ethics. Yes, ethics. Whereas Airbnb is oft-accused of hurting the affordable housing stock in the city, The Wythe is practically a pillar of achievement for slimy developers seeking to make Williamsburg the “New Manhattan.” (more…)

06/23/16 5:09pm
The right partner is all you need (#3)

The right partner is all you need (#3) (pic by Audrey Penven)

1. Drop the beat at the Downtown Brooklyn Get-Down, with a performance by Big Daddy Kane, live graffiti, hip-hop workshops, a sneaker-design contest, and more. (Friday, Albee Square, FREE)

2. Class it up at the Metropolitan Summer Recital Series, featuring arias and duets by soprano Angel Blue, tenor Ben Bliss, and baritone Alexey Lavrov. (Friday, Brooklyn Bridge Park, FREE)

3. Pair off at the Circus Revue: Trust + Love, a variety show of partnered acts like Anya Sapozhnikova and Melissa Augerre, Angela Butch and Yoni Kalai, and more. (Friday, House of Yes, $15) (more…)

02/25/16 9:29am
Anonymous Ensemble is going to take you higher (#) (pic by)

Anonymous Ensemble is going to take you higher (#5) (pic by Anonymous Ensemble)

1. Hear some weird sh*t at Blogologues, where Allison Goldberg, Jen Jamula, and Tommy Heleringer act out the internet, from community forums to Yelp reviews to OkCupid profiles. (Friday, Union Hall, $10)

2. Doll yourself up for the Indie Pop Prom #4 at the newly reopened Market Hotel, with music by Allison Crutchfield, Eskimeaux, Wall, and Pouty. (Friday, Market Hotel, $10 in prom attire/$12 in street clothes)

3. Get radical at Mother Tongue: A Praise Song for Black Girls Reclaiming Our Mothers’ Bones, a multimedia production and performance by actors, artists, and activists. (Friday, Roulette, $35) (more…)

02/15/16 9:24am
Have a murderously good Monday with Charming Disaster (#1) (pic by Luis Ruiz)

Have a murderously good Monday with Charming Disaster (#1) (pic by Luis Ruiz)

1. Feeling dark after Valentine’s Day? Head to Charming Disaster’s Murder Ballad Monday, featuring ghoulish folk music from Jessi Robertson, Kenwyn Dapo, Marilyn Carino, Jascha Hoffman, Hilary Downes, and Liz Tormes. (Monday, Branded Saloon, FREE)

2. Spend a wild evening curated by the great Eric Schmalenberger: it’s the premiere of The JoAnne Holiday Show, plus performances by singer/songwriter Holly Miranda, alt-cabaret star Erin Markey, comedian Dave Hill, and more, not to mention Girls star Jemima Kirke interviewing “the 500-million-year-old enigma know as CLAYWOMAN.” (Monday, House of Yes, $10)

3. Giggle at Fashion Week with a sarcastic take: Brompton Bicycles Fashion & Film Showcase, with displays of British cycling gear films, refreshments, and music curated by Rough Trade. (Tuesday, Rough Trade, FREE) (more…)

09/15/15 4:30pm

You know the rest

Pot and movies go together like cookies and milk. For instance, just look at the works of Messrs. Cheech and Chong, Kevin Smith or Jim Breuer, much of which wouldn’t be possible without the magical powers of pot. Surprisingly though, Brooklyn’s first pot film festival, happening September 26 at the Wythe Hotel, isn’t about the pleasures of staring at your fingers until you see them fing. According to what organizers told the Village Voice, the point of Sunday’s New York City Cannabis Film Festival is to “elevate cannabis culture.” (more…)

09/11/14 3:33pm

A grass-fed bag, the perfect pairing for your grass-fed burger. via Marlow Goods

If the plastic bag ban and farm-to-table movement hooked up, this is probably what it would look like.

You probably didn’t pay much notice to the September 5th opening of Marlow Goods pop-up at the Wythe Hotel. With leather totes that start at $650, the luxury Marlow goods are a bit out of the Brokelyn budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eye them… Especially because they are reportedly made out of the animals you can eat at the Wythe Hotel’s restaurant, Reynard. (more…)

11/30/12 9:00am

South lets Austinites experience some Texan hospitality. Photo by Deena Atkinson

If you live in Brooklyn, chances are you once came from someplace else. And in this dog-eat-Crif Dog city, sometimes it’s hard not to give in to all those “Go back to Ohio!” taunts. Luckily, scattered amid Brooklyn’s zillion bars and restaurants, the borough’s got a few spots reminiscent of your hometown hangout you can escape to next time you’re homesick. Here are five bars and one eatery modeled after the place from whence you came. (more…)