07/21/16 11:25am
Your new Ron, Hermione and their daughter from the play version of the Cursed Child.

Your new grown-up Ron and Hermione and their daughter from the play version of the Cursed Child.

Harry’s back! Sort of! The first official new Harry Potter story after the original septology comes out at midnight July 30. It’s a script based on the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play that’s opening in London at the same time. The play is basically the UK’s Hamilton, in that you stand no chance of getting tickets ever, so your best bet is to get the book. The plot has mostly been kept under wraps, and fans are nervous that J.K. Rowling is bordering on George Lucas levels of meddling with her own canon (the book is actually credited to three authors:  Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany).

But if nothing else, the release brings back the great Harry Potter tradition of midnight release parties. These are truly joyful affairs — when was the last time you’ve seen so many kids and people of all ages lined up at midnight to get their hands on a BOOK? You wait in line for a lot dumber things, New York. So here’s where to find the midnight releases and other parties in Brooklyn — start practicing your butterbeer pong skills now.  (more…)

04/04/16 2:43pm
The Faguettes are birds of a delightfully queer feather (#) (pic by Krys Fox)

The Faguettes: birds of a divinely queer feather (#6) (pic by Krys Fox)

1. Proving your M-A-S-T-E-R-Y of O-R-T-H-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y at the last-ever Williamsburg Spelling Bee, which is going out proud after 12 freaking years. Finale events include cake, a spelling cocktail, prizes, and party music by Yazan. (Monday, Pete’s Candy Store, FREE)

2. Dependably great comedy show Side Ponytail is going from monthly to weekly, to keep you laughing more often. Tonight’s jokesters will be Josh Gondelman, Carolyn Castiglia, Emily Winter, Adam Palmeter, and Chelsea Taylor. (Monday, Over the Eight, FREE)

3. Come hungry to Feast Bed-Stuy, a food crawl along Malcolm X Blvd with food and booze deals from a half-dozen restaurants and cafés, from pizza to tequila to “salmon Slavic sandwiches.” (Tuesday, Bed-Stuy, FREE) (more…)

03/12/15 9:43am
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.38.19 AM

Nutella: It’s what gets every couple hot

1. Make this the best Friday the 13th ever, or the most remorseful, or both, by getting a deal on that new tattoo. (Friday)

2. Thrown on your astronaut helmet and float around this space party at The Silent Barn. (Friday)

3. We bet you can earn a ton of strategic Instalikes at Pioneerworks’ opening reception for Under Construction, an exhibition the value of photography in the 21th century. (Friday) (more…)

09/29/14 10:23am
Tori Scott can't believe you don't remember her episodes

Tori Scott can’t believe you don’t remember her episodes

1. Singer-songwriters Steve Volkmann, Alex Alexion and Audio Romance are taking over The Way Station. (Monday)

2. Hear about one star chef’s tumultuous journey to the culinary world, by way of rehab, at the release for Jesse Schenker’s All or Nothing at powerHouse Arena. (Monday)

3. Your usual Tuesday night orgy probably doesn’t that desperately needed break for a comedy show, so check out Over the Eight’s Illuminati Orgy. (Tuesday) (more…)

09/22/14 10:45am
Your outfit's already been planned out.

Your outfit’s already been planned out.

1. See if you can think of any topics that aren’t covered in 100 Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write. (Monday)

2. Plunge right into Dive Comedy at Freddy’s Bar. (Monday)

3. Art Talks, and boy does it (and speakers from BRIC, Soapbox Gallery and Gridspace) want to have a word with you. (Monday) (more…)

09/15/14 11:01am
We guess the view's ok

We guess the view’s ok

1. The comics at Brooklyn, Stand Up!! won’t bully you into standing up, which is more than we can say for some entertainers out there. (Monday)

2. Enable a bunch of comedians as they glorify times they’ve been complete jerks at ASS: Antagonistic Storytelling Series. (Monday)

3. There’s so much going on for the Brooklyn Book Festival that they had to spread it out over a week. (Monday – Friday) (more…)

08/25/14 9:29am
Both his literary brilliance and his smolder will be at powerHouse Arena.

Both his literary brilliance and his smolder will be at powerHouse Arena.

1. British journalist Peter Snow presents his book on the War of 1812, When Britain Burned the White House. Peter Snow, are you mocking us? (Monday)

2. Salman Rushdie joins Vanessa Manko as she discusses her novel The Invention of Exile. (Monday)

3. Videology is showing Persistence of Vision, a documentary on the greatest animated film to never happen. No, not Heavy Metal(Monday) (more…)

07/28/14 10:56am
It's all your favorite movies built into one!

It’s all your favorite movies built into one! via ComicsBulletin

1. We keep hearing awesome things about The Lego Movie, so see what the hype’s about at this Coney Island showing.(Monday)

2. See Fried Green Tomatoes, which got favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, at Red Hook Flicks. (Tuesday)

3. Watch American Psycho at Crown Vic and revive all your suspicions of well-groomed men. (Tuesday) (more…)

07/01/13 8:50am
You're alright, America. Photo by Derrick Sanskrit Kennelty-Cohen

You’re alright, America. Photo by Derrick Sanskrit Kennelty-Cohen

1. Coney Island’s “Flicks on the Beach” kicks off with a screening of Little Fugitive, the story of an adorable moppet who’s hiding from the consequences of what he thinks is A MURDER (Monday)

2. Or if you like your movies indoors and with half-price Sixpoint, check out Absence, the strange story of a disappearing pregnancy (Monday)

3. Make some friendship bracelets at Brooklyn Launchpad, so you can keep track of who your friends are. Put a tiny GPS tracker in them and you can keep track of where your friends are (Monday) (more…)

04/29/13 8:00am
Just like how you dance on your birthday, right?

Just like how you dance on your birthday, right?

1. Step in and out of Videology’s 12 hour Western marathon, featuring UnforgivenOnce Upon a Time in the West and a movie with some chump named John Wayne, among others (Monday)

2. Meg Wolitzer drops in to WORD to talk about her new bookThe Interestings, which is an ironic tale about a boring family with the surname “Interesting.” Ah, just kidding, it’s not about that at all (Monday)

3. CSA Local Roots celebrates their second birthday at Local 61 with pinatas and a station to make instruments out of vegetables. Sounds like a party (Monday) (more…)