01/12/17 3:12pm
DC for days: The Brokelyn guide to your Women's March weekend in Washington

You should protest, but you can go get a coffee, too. via Flickr user Paul Sableman

Even if you’re going to DC to protest the terrible, terrible thing that’s about to happen (and by a number of measures, has already happened) to America, it’s fine to enjoy the city while you do it.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re big believers in using your own two feet to send a message (and we’ll see you at the march!), but a city can also be enjoyed outside of its political mire, especially when the city is running so many deals to benefit charities during Inauguration Weekend. Yep, that’s happening.

We’ve put together a quickie city guide for three days in Washington DC, Jan 20-22. Like most of our guides, it’s full of cheap and free stuff, and includes a few worthwhile splurges. Whether you’re stuck there on 💀Inauguration Day💀  or the day after the Women’s March or all of the above, this guide offers food, drink and culture recommendations from a whole bunch of DC creative types as well as info about discounts, deals and other special happenings during the March. Go enjoy DC before Trump suffocates it in a coat of tacky gold paint. (more…)

12/22/16 2:07pm
Still need a ride to DC for the anti-Trump Women's March? Here's how to find one

Want to make your voice heard? Get on one of these Women’s March buses. via IG

Nov. 8 decided it, and this past Monday confirmed it: Donald Trump is going to be the 45th president of the United States. The inauguration on Jan. 20  is going to be largely impenetrable by the disgruntled genpop of America, but one day later, on Jan. 21, women (and men) from around the world are coming to D.C. to march against Trump. The Women’s March on Washington has secured a permit and starting location at Independence Ave. and Third St. SW, and is slated to begin at 10am.

If you were planning on taking part in what might turn out to be the most momentous protest in the recent history of America (not counting the collective roar of all the protests around the country on Nov. 9) but you haven’t booked a ride to get there yet, you might want to do it soon. Tickets on Megabus and Amtrak are already selling out, and the cost of a Rally Bus, one of the main charter buses to DC for the rally, originally $65 roundtrip, has jumped to a price tag of $120 and up.

What’s an anti-Trump activist to do? Well, there are a couple of organizations and local people stepping in to help the cause and organizing their own trips: (more…)