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Far from public transit, behind the fence that delineates the Brooklyn Navy Yard from the surrounding neighborhood sits an industrial building that is host to the world’s first commercially viable rooftop vineyard. The vineyard, which encompasses the entirety of the roof, is a literal oasis, a green patch in the sky with 360 degree views of the surrounding areas.

Rooftop Reds, the vineyard is called, is not open to the public, but Untapped Cities offers private tours – and Brokelyn’s got a sweet discount code for you.

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brooklyn winery

Coming soon: This, but in Crown Heights. via Facebook

Winos of Crown Heights, unite. At least if you can afford a $10 to $16 glass of wine, unite, because you’re getting yourselves a fancy new wine bar, with Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Winery getting the go-ahead to expand to the neighborhood according to DNA Info. Then again, if you’re paying those prices for wine, you’re probably not a wino in the traditional sense of the word, are you? Something to think about when you’ve had a few. (more…)

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This could be you! Every day!

This could be you! Every day!

We’ve all been there: you walk into a wine shop not really sure of what you get, you just know you don’t want to get the wrong thing. Paralyzed by choice, you panic and just buy wine-flavored product and then everyone at the cheese party hates you. Well, buck up, because soon they’ll be drinking from the wine you made in your apartment. No, not prison wine, actual fancy wine that you can make with this half-price home wine-making kit. (more…)

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The bold new face of wine. via the Chicago Tribune

The bold new face of wine. via the Chicago Tribune

Millennials! You (us?) crazy kids are upending all kinds of industries, from soup to casual sex. And it’s looking like we’ll be the generation that pushes wine from snooty bottles, with their corks and rules, to the crazy world of easy-open pouches. Two new wine companies are skipping bottles altogether and going right to pouches with bright colors, QR codes and names like “Bonfire.” Radical! (more…)

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Fishing for wine suggestions for your taco? Via QuitWineing.

Cinco de Mayo is not normally a holiday I associate with wine, especially because my only point of reference is ridiculous college and work parties where Corona and Tecate — and handles of cheap tequila — are the norm. But now that I am a “professional,” my idea of a good time is not tasting my tacos twice. This means tequila is out. Although I just moved to Brooklyn, this nacional holiday is celebrated the same here as it is in my native California, with parties featuring carne asada, pollo asado, salsa, guacamole, beans, tortillas, onions, cilantro, lime juice and spice, spice, spice. Washing down those flavors with a big, red wine like an Australian Shiraz would be like washing down Sriracha with Tabasco. So, I would go for a white wine, preferably a clean, crisp one. But you’re probably broke as hell.

But because you’re reading Brokelyn, you likely don’t have the resources to go into a wine shop and rely on their best pick for your cinco de drinko pairing. That’s why our budget wine swap is here: I’ll recommend two white wines, one at a splurge price point and the other at a budget price point. Don’t worry: at no point will I ever recommend a terrible wine, even if it is $3 at Trader Joe’s. (more…)

Via Flickr's Becca.

It won’t be long before we start glitter-bombing you with news of all the wonderful free things of summer. Until then, get psyched for — and help support — those great outdoor movies at Brooklyn Bridge Park, while getting a little tipsy this Friday: new Dumbo shop Waterfront Wines & Spirits is hosting a free Drink Local tasting featuring Brooklyn-made boozes. It’s free to taste, but proceeds for anything you buy will benefit the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, which sponsors loads of free activities and events in the park including SyFy Movies With a View. Brands up for tasting include Brooklyn Republic Vodka, Breuckelen Distilling, New York Distilling Company and Brooklyn Oenology Wines.

Friday, 6-8pm, Waterfront Wines & Spirits, Joralemon and Furman streets at Pier 5

[via BK Heights Blog]

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It IS easy being verde

Keeping thrifty is a challenge when it comes to wine. Sure, there’s always two-buck-chuck (three-buck-chuck here in New York) and the boxed variety (Franzia Chillable Red, anyone?), but finding a good, top-quality bottle can sometimes prove to be a chore. With all the rooftop BBQs and pre-free-summer-show parties this time of year, a good bottle of interesting – but affordable – vino is a prized possession. Well, come a little closer to your computer screen (not too close) because I’ve got your answer, and it will only run you between $4-$9: Vinho Verde. (more…)

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cheap wine cocktails

Is that a "Red Wine of Any Season" or a Strawberry Mimosa? Try it and see.

There are people out there who love wine. They are connoisseurs. They own books about wine pairings. They swear by the expensive bottles, and they are planning trips to Napa Valley as you read this. Oenophiles, or “people who love wine,” would be disturbed by the idea of drinking cheap wine (let alone adding mixers to it), but here at Brokelyn we are not so precious. And so we present five festive summery concoctions that will make your Two Buck Chuck taste like it cost at least four bucks. (more…)

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Smith & Vine in Carroll Gardens.

Smith & Vine in Carroll Gardens.

A holiday party without good wine is like… well… enough said. With the sheer number of get-togethers on most folks’ calendars this time of year, bringing a bottle to every gathering can get a little out of hand. But nobody wants to leave their celebrating cohorts dry either. We called up some of Brooklyn’s best sellers for their affordable holiday picks, and here’s what they recommend. All bottles are under $10 a pop and available at a wine shop near you. (more…)