11/03/15 1:30pm
Submit to the Full Nelson at Double Windsor. via Instagram

Submit to the Full Nelson at Double Windsor. via Instagram

In spite of the occasional 75-degree sneak attack (“I’ll never let go!”- Summer 2015), the calendar says fall has arrived in Brooklyn, so who are we to argue. And as far as seasonal booze is concerned, the dessert-in-a-pint known as pumpkin ale tends to reign supreme. Now, let’s be clear: we at Brokelyn love us some pumpkin ale (to the point of creating a definitive list of the best!). But we need not think of it as the be-all-and-end-all of getting your autumnal drink on…not when hard cider exists in the world! Cider is having a moment right now; there’s even a Manhattan bar completely dedicated to tap ciders from around the world. Brooklyn might not have an all-cider-all-the-time spot, but there are plenty of neighborhood bars with cider lists that extend beyond the usual Magner’s and Woodchuck. Here are a few great options: (more…)

09/23/15 2:23pm
tk. Photo by Eric Kingrea

It’s like you’re there. Photo by Eric Kingrea

Sometimes it sucks being a part of the invading hordes.  That’s the thought that struck me after catching a production of Stoopdreamer, a new born-and-bred Brooklyn show (written by Pat Fenton, dir: Kira Simring) at The Cell (338 West 23rd Street). The show–a part of Origin’s 1st Irish 2015, New York’s annual Irish theater Festival–is set entirely in Farrell’s Bar & Grill, and is less a fully fleshed out play than a lyrical and meditative history-lesson-as-bar-tale. But it does a lot with what it’s got. Speaking as a relatively new arrival, one of those post-collegiate white kids from Somewhere Else, I appreciated the chance to pull up a stool and listen to a couple of the old guys (and gal) ramble. (more…)

08/25/15 12:38pm
Her smile's contagious. via website

Her smile sure is contagious.

Summer is waning, the daylight hours are getting shorter, but a good lazy Sunday is timeless. In that spirit, here’s another installment of Perfect Summer Sundays, the profile series in which we bring you a local personality from the borough who shares how they like to spend a Sunday in their neighborhood. Gone are the empty brags of having “been to Bushwick,” or the misguided attempts to hang out where all the locals do. This way, you can get a sense of the neighborhood from someone who actually lives there, and then try it yourself!

This week, we’re headed to Kensington with Colleen A. F. Venable, author and designer of graphic novels for all ages. Today, Venable sits down with Brokelyn to talk shop about why she loves living in a relatively un-yuppiefied area south of Prospect Park, even though it means walking a mile or so to get to her destination spots. “Friends don’t understand why I love Kensington,” Venable tells us. “They say it’s ‘too quiet.’ All houses, barely any bars or stores, and it’s a long train ride from the city. But in my mind, Kensington’s a heart with real people! Nobody’s fake. It also helps that my rent is 1/3 the price of a trendy neighborhood.” (more…)

07/24/15 9:49am
Brooklyn Kolache's yard even has an umbrella for protection from glare/extra productivity. Photo by David Colon

Brooklyn Kolache’s yard even has an umbrella for protection from glare/extra productivity. Photo by David Colon

What is the one thing New Yorkers need to survive and is everywhere? Coffee. What is the one thing New Yorkers need to survive but is hard to find? Nature. That why we’ve compiled a list of great Brooklyn coffee shops with gardens, outdoor patios or backyards, where caffeine and the great outdoors (or as great as they’re gonna get) meet. Be sure to enjoy these places while you can, because before we know it, Snowpocolypse 2016 will be knocking on our doors. (more…)

01/16/15 9:30am
sean casey animal rescue

Look at this cool guy you can hang out with, he doesn’t care it’s winter. via Facebook

The dark void of winter’s short days is upon us full force. It looks and feels pretty bad out there, but if you were considering just giving in to S.A.D., we have a solution. Nothing can chip through the winter blues like exercise and a dog smiling dumbly up at you. Even if , like so many people in Brooklyn you can’t swing the financial and spacial needs of a dog, you can still get your dog time for free by volunteering to walk orphan dogs who need a little love and socialization.

Take an afternoon break from work if you freelance, come by after work if you’re a 9-5er. Take a break from catatonically staring under your eyebrows out the window like Jack in The Shining if you’re unemployed. Bring a date, I mean, HELLO? A needy dog? That’s going to melt your date’s heart faster than the ice caps! If your love for animals doesn’t compel you perhaps your libido will. Brooklyn is home to three animal shelters that host ample dogs who need your love, so whatever your reason to walk one, you get your dog time and some time out of your apartment, the dog gets its people time and everyone wins. (more…)

windsor terrace food co-op

Soon to be full of groceries. via Kensington BK

You’ve gotta feel for the people of Windsor Terrace, caught between Park Slope and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and their residents’ constant chattering about how great it is living in a neighborhood with a food co-op. Obviously it wasn’t always that way, but we bet it’s gotten damn near unbearable since PLG actually opened their co-op. Well, soon Windsor Terrace will be able to say “In your FACE” to both of those neighborhoods, because their long in the works food co-op finally has a physical address according to Kensington BK. (more…)

12/09/14 3:52pm
donna minkovitz

She knows what she’s talking about

You might not have a job that requires you to do a lot of writing, but you know that deep inside you lies the soul of a great human of letters. The only issue is adding the actual ability to write to said soul so that you can get words on a page that people want to read. Don’t go crazy staring at a blank sheet of paper until it happens, instead, take advantage of a couple of free writing courses that award-winning memoirist Donna Minkowitz is offering at some Brooklyn libraries this month. (more…)

12/05/14 2:58pm
Why, they'll fit right in, won't they? via The Guardian

Why, they’ll fit right in, won’t they? via The Guardian

Roll out the hand-stitched red carpets! Put on your finest tweed cap, then doff it! Honk your cab horns in majestic awe! His royal highness Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate Middleton are coming to visit Brooklyn this weekend! As much press as Brooklyn has gotten over the last few years, the Royal Family might not be up on what the best things to do and see while they’re on our side of the pond. So, we thought we’d use our expertise to give the royal duo a guide to show the Brooklyn good time they deserve.  (more…)

08/20/14 11:43am
sean casey animal rescue

Make all of the animals there this happy. via Facebook

We’ve mentioned a few times here about how we’re both pro-dog and pro-humans who help dogs, but we don’t want to make it seem like we only care about dogs. If you also like most, even maybe all animals, you’ve got a chance to help them out now, because Sean Casey Animal Rescue is asking for donations of cleaning supplies for their two Brooklyn locations, according to South Slope News. (more…)

05/12/14 11:55am
daily press

The Daily Press in Bed-Stuy is one of just 122 great places to get coffee in Brooklyn. via Facebook

Recently, the Times posted an interactive map of 101 spots to get great coffee in NYC, including a meager 29 coffee shops in Brooklyn, and leaving entire neighborhoods blank. While the map paid even less attention to Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx, we felt compelled to right their egregious oversights in our borough. So, we put together a map representing the motherlode of BK coffee hubs, from as far south as Sheepshead Bay to the northern tip of Greenpoint.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, including Team Brokelyn’s Tim, Rebecca, Isaac, Conal, Sam, Dan, and Ned Berke from Sheepshead Bites. Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite spot!