02/27/15 10:40am
citi bike

Coming soon to a Williamsburg near you. Photo by Mary Dorn

Hey, remember Citi Bike? Probably not, since you’ve spent the entire winter cooped up inside, thinking about anything but riding a bike (you still can ride though). However, #summeriscoming, so it’s time to start thinking about getting outside again and topics related to the outside, like that Citi Bike expansion we talked about last year. This isn’t going to be some piddling little expansion either, not according to a map the Brooklyn Paper has showing a slew of new stations that are supposed to land in Williamsburg and Greenpoint by the end of the year. (more…)

02/26/15 2:47pm
death by audio

Never forget the cargo net. Photo by Mary Dorn

The end of 2014 was a particularly rough stretch for the Brooklyn D.I.Y. scene, losing pretty much every foothold in Williamsburg. Even before that though, a lot of beloved D.I.Y. venues closed up shop, leaving a bit of a hole in the scene. With that in mind, Williamsburg art space Cloud City (85 N. 1st Street) will be taking a look back next month with the “RIP DIY” photo exhibit, featuring pictures capturing moments at Brooklyn’s closed venues from 20 photographers. We’re pegging the odds of the exhibit closing due to being replaced by a condo at 4:1. (more…)

02/26/15 9:04am
Hear what she really had to say about that sizzurp

Hear what she really had to say about that sizzurp

1. If you think about floating city states in the ocean as much as we do, you’ll appreciate the art at Seastead, inspired by those nautical utopias. (Friday)

2. Dance to electronic pop from KIT, People at Parties, and Manic Pixi at the Knitting Factory. (Friday)

3. Hear musicians from different cultural and stylistic backgrounds come together at Found Sound Nation Concert #3 at Pioneer Works. (Friday)

4. See our own food expert, Kenji Magrann-Wells give a lecture on molecular gastronomy at Nerd Nite at Littlefield, and listen to a couple other science-based lectures too. (Friday) (more…)

02/25/15 1:32pm
Still got it

Still got it

We’re told the East Coast-West Coast 90s beef has dissipated, but we at Brokelyn don’t like to let things go, especially when there’s the chance they might age into something we can attach the word “vintage” to. Despite our love of vintage feuds (#TeamMcCoy #HouseOfYork) and our bitter hatred for stupid LA and their stupid sunshine,  we feel a newfound tenderness toward Dr. Dre, the new AARP poster child. We think it’s safe to say this beautiful kinship over our vulnerability to the passage of time and Dre’s potential access to that medicinal kush has basically made him a surrogate pop-pop to us all. This is why we’re excited to reconcile and celebrate his birthday with a night of gin and juice and nuthin but G thangs at Kinfolk’s Dre Day. (more…)

02/24/15 2:28pm
l train

Byeeeee. via Flickr user Ken

You and the L train, you were buddies for a while. You had good times, what the reliable-ish service and the fancy countdown clocks and the way you were ferried from one Williamsburg to the next one down the line. Now though, things have turned. It’s constantly broken, we’ve got a massive springtime shutdown coming and before that even shows up, DNA Info is reporting you get to enjoy the L train not running between Lorimer Street and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenue until the end of March. (more…)

02/24/15 11:20am
tk via Racked

Bedford Avenue or strip mall in Topeka? via Racked

Look, we understand that change is intrinsic to New York, and we know we weren’t going to have all of our favorite places forever, because that’s just life. Still, even if we accept losing Spike Hill and the cheap/free music and performances it housed, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to quietly accept the awful, bland rendering that’s being proposed in its place. There’s no law against us sitting here and saying “Goddamn that building is so boring, it’s the architectural equivalent of a small Pinkberry in a cup, with no toppings.” (more…)

02/23/15 9:06am
No, we're fine, someone's just chopping onions

No, we’re fine, someone’s just chopping onions

1. It’s New York Beer Week, so check out the cheap events brewing around town. (Monday-Friday)

2. Hear about Eric Walrond, a black writer who introduced Americans to the literary Caribbean, at Greenlight Bookstore. (Monday)

3. Catch Janeane Garofalo, Anna Drezen and a host of other comics performing for free in the back of Muchmore’s at Fresh Perspectives. (Monday) (more…)

02/20/15 9:34am

The crowds at these parties will be just as cool, don’t you worry

The Academy Awards are here again, which means it’s time to get all dolled up and watch with baited breath as Leonardo DiCaprio wins nothing. But what if you’re, ironically, a starving actor with no TV? Or if you’re just someone who needs someone to grab onto if things start getting too wild? Whether you have strong opinions about the nominees for Best Live Action Short Film, or if you have no idea what Selma‘s about, here are places to watch selfie history unfold. (more…)

02/19/15 12:06pm

All this and more, allegedly for $800

We don’t need to tell you about how Brooklyn’s real estate market is a nightmare, but if you’d like a refresher course you can learn all about it here, here and here. One way to cut the tension we all feel about oh god where are we going to live is to make some jokes, but one Craigslister has taken it too far by luring desperate apartment seekers with an ad for an $800 bedroom in a new Williamsburg luxury building. If the ad is real, we hope you’re ready to live with someone who describes himself as an “Artist/Entrepreneur/Healer, currently working on my new startup. Cleanliness, Sexiness, Awesomeness, Fitness.” (more…)

02/19/15 10:59am
They'll get you off the couch.

They’ll get you off the couch.

1. Gather with people around the world for Pecha Kucha, a presentation event with an eclectic collection of speakers at Livestream. (Friday)

2. Hear Americana-inspired folk music from down under at The Way Station’s Tasmericana Night. (Friday)

3. If you care about fashion but, like us, you don’t like it when people wear clothes, Wasabasco’s Hot Couture: A Striptease Fashion Show is for you. (Friday) (more…)