11/25/14 11:48am
link nyc

Maybe you can just set up a tent outside of one.

Hey, were you briefly excited about the city’s LinkNYC plan to turn our payphones into free Wi-fi hotspots, before stopping to think that this couldn’t possibly turn out to be as good as you hoped? Congratulations if you were cynical about this whole mess, because it turns out that poor neighborhoods are gonna start with slower Wi-fi speeds, and a look at a map shows that while huge swathes of Midtown and Times Square will be covered by this, outside of Manhattan will see a lot less free internet. (more…)

11/18/14 11:35am
link nyc

Ooh, future-y

You might remember a couple years back, New York was trying to figure out what to do with our payphones, since everyone has spacephones now and nothing every goes wrong with those. Well, we have our answer as to what’s going to happen to our poor neglected payphones now: they’re going to become kiosks offering free high-speed Wi-fi. That sounds cool, as long as Time Warner and Cablevision never have anything to do with it. (more…)

09/18/13 4:02pm
You can't sleep on the subway if you're expected to work. via Flickr user JoeInQueens

You can’t sleep on the subway if you’re expected to work. via Flickr user JoeInQueens

There are precious few places you can escape the all-seeing information economy these days. We’re sure that makes Tom Friedman happy, but why should anyone except his wife be in the business of making him happy? Why should she even be in that business, for that matter? Anyway, one of the places you’re blessedly free of email trouble is the subway. The MTA is already moving to disassemble this haven in its stations, and now they say they’re planning to add wifi to subway cars too. Great, now you’ll never be safe from work stuff. (more…)

09/19/12 3:19pm

Green shows the stations that already have cell, data and wifi; Blue shows stations that will be getting it between October and December 2012. Via WNYC.

Of course when you’re talking about the subway, you have to be pretty generous with the term “peace and quiet,” but at least everyone isn’t on their cell phone. However, this will change over the next three years — and dramatically even over the next three months — as the MTA implements its plan to have cell, data and wifi coverage at all train stations city-wide. In this map from WNYC, you can see which stations already have service and which will get it by December. (more…)

01/25/12 7:00am

NOTE: Please see our updated 2015 list of Brooklyn Bars with Wifi here!

You’ve been there before: unable to work at home, you pop in to the local coffee shop to soak up the wifi and get yourself focused with a cup of joe. The next thing you know, you’re on your third cup, you’ve got the shakes and somehow still aren’t done working. You’ve got to take the edge off somehow, but still don’t want to go home. What’s a girl to do? Fortunately for you, Brooklyn is home to bars that offer wifi AND open early enough to get you back in balance. Happy hour, here you come! (more…)

11/15/11 11:58am

Missed Connections have gone meta

Oh the horrors of traveling underground for your morning commute, where you’re forced to read a book or magazine rather than Tumbling, Facebooking or finishing that Words With Friends death match. This week, L train riders get an out: from 8am-10am, you can pull out your laptop or spacePhone and log on to a special free intranet  provided by the creative group WeMakeCoolSh.it. The “L Train Notwork” is limited to specific content that’s clearly designed for L train riders: a “Missed Connections” (obvs) feature that includes a live chat room/dating site, curated content from local authors, poets and visual artists, news feeds from popular websites and “other surprises.” New content will appear each day through Saturday. The wifi comes from battery powered web servers carried by members of the collective. (more…)