07/31/15 8:30am
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Blunderland (#5) mastermind Eric Schmallenberger, who probably woke up like this (pic by Sarah Stuve)

1. Think Brooklyn is the only place artists get displaced en mass for condos? Think again at UnionDocs’ screening of Tomorrow We Disappear, the story of India’s massive Kathputli artist colony. (Friday, $9)

2. Be swept away with Groupmuse‘s Symphonie Fantastique, featuring 70+ musicians performing Berlioz, accompanied by Muse Circus acrobats. (Friday, $20)

3. Travel to Stockholm to learn the complex story of a young transgender woman there at Pioneer Works’ screening of Something Must Break. (Friday, $10) (more…)

07/29/14 1:06pm

Well, if you’re drinking it like that, maybe it doesn’t matter. via Flickr user Chris Goldberg

If you’re a discerning consumer, you might pride yourself on staying away from macrobrewed alcohol of any kind, even though you’re eventually just gonna wind up drinking it like our friend pictured above is. Still, you buy your Bulleit or your WhistlePig instead of Jack Daniel’s, because those are made by master craft distillers who sing their mash to sleep, right? Uh…wrong, says the Daily Beast, who says that “dozens” of “craft” distilleries are buying their booze in bulk from a huge distillery in Indiana. Sounds like just another reason to make your own in your apartment. (more…)

Yep, we love it.

Yep, we love it.

1118 Cortelyou Rd. between Stratford and Westminster
Ditmas Park
(347) 240-5850

What it is: Sycamore calls itself the “coziest bar in Brooklyn,” and while we aren’t ready to throw Brokelyn’s editorial might behind that assertion, we’ll put it squarely in the running, with its bricky, woody, wool-sweatery feel, friendly bartenders and one’s tendency to get sucked in and never leave. (more…)

02/04/13 9:39am
It's never too early for bourbon

It’s never too early for bourbon

A couple years ago, back when Kings County Distillery was a small operation in a Bushwick loft, a couple of us took a tour of the location. The whole thing only took up a couple of rooms and didn’t have any complicated equipment, everything seemed kind of charmingly jury-rigged. The whiskey was delicious though. Plenty of other people agreed apparently, and the company made enough money to move into new digs in the Navy Yard and get some love from the New York Times. (more…)

What? The picture contains both ginger and whiskey. Via The Hip Flask

If you enjoy delicious whiskey gingers (and really, who doesn’t?) then Bushwick Ginger Social could change your life. The group was started by Vernon Caldwell, Ian Evans and Chris Schwartz, friends who grow their own ginger in their backyard. After growing so much of the stuff, it only made sense to invite some friends to bring over some whiskey to mix it with.   (more…)

04/14/11 11:43am

Is this the best drinking invention since the $4 sixpack? This kit we just heard about seems like the perfect solution to the dilemma of brokesters who A) enjoy a fine, classy glass of aged whiskey but B) can only afford the $12 fresh-off-the-truck bottle at the store. A Washington state distillery is selling this Age Your Own Whiskey kit that lets you mature the spirits before your very eyes. The small barrel accelerates the process, so you can get a nicely aged whiskey in three to six months, and the barrel can be reused five times. It’s only available at the Woodinville Whiskey Co. right now, so until it hits nationwide, you might have to email them and ask nicely for one of your own and start turning your cheap booze into a DIY-distillery. It’s a little pricey ($15o) but fancy whiskey ain’t cheap either.

(Hat tip to Briana Campbell for the link!)